Community Awareness

Trying to meet the challenges of serving four geographically separated and culturally unique Pacific-Island States, our team of staffs and volunteers are trying their best to educate our people on who the Red Cross is and what we do and the services we provide, not just in time of Disaster. 

Community Resilience & Capacity Development Project in Chuuk


Public Awareness and Public Education (PAPE)



The American Red Cross (ARC) proposes to work with the Micronesia Red Cross (MRCS) and climate-affected small island communities in the Federated State of Micronesia (FSM)'s Chuuk State to carry out coastal community reselience & disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities which will prepare for and respond to climate risk and climate change. The project goal is to reduce the number of deaths & injuries and lessen the negative socio-economic impact caused by climate related disasters (e.g. typhoons) and enviromental degradation in vulnerable Micronesia Islands. 

Developed with the support from Community Resilience & Capacity Development

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